Hi, I am Paris and it is wonderful to connect with you here!

The three things I value most are... 
  • Living in alignment with Love/God/Purpose
  • Family
  • Supporting my personal health and sharing this information with others 

Why have I chosen a life in the wellness space?

Health is our Wealth! If don't feel healthy or we can't move without hurting, then everything else is sub-par. 

My goal working with clients is to support them feeling connected with the power and intelligence of their body. Such freedom happens when we cultivate this connection!

My desire for health was born from my personal health struggles ...


At a young age I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) and at that same time in my life I also had a severe eating disorder. I was told that there wasn't a cure for PCOS, only managing symptoms through pharmaceutical drugs. At that time, I bought that story and I took drugs prescribed to me for several years. I was successful at managing the symptoms but was still overweight and ridden with acne while also still battling the disordered eating.  

One day I decided to read up on the side effects of the drugs and realized that I didn't want to have to be on these for my whole life. It was informing myself what these drugs could do to my long-term health that motivated me to learn about health and healing.

I have been successful at reversing PCOS through diet and lifestyle. The doctors had said this was impossible. To support the healing process we are invited to support balancing our internal environment. and the body takes care of the rest.

In "My story with Food" I share my most intimate story with how I have come to a place of peace with food and my body.   

It is from my struggles with body image, food, and health that my deepest passion for health was born. 


“Paris helped me become more conscious of my posture and how I hold my heart and hips. I have gotten so much out of her classes!”

-Meral Sharper


I have seen three key results since beginning a regular Bowspring practice with Paris. First the shape of my body is transforming in the way I have always wanted, curves, length, tone. I have a more defined shape, tapering at the waist and sporting a booty on the rise. Next, my overall posture and alignment during my workday has improved; I am no longer slumped at the desk. Finally, I can feel my strengthen both in and out of class. I am more mindful of my body and its magnificence. 

-Monique Marez


"Working with Paris has been a true treat. Her passion and knowledge continue to inspire me to stay the course and show up for myself daily. I have gained so much through working with her! "

-Allyson Trujillo 


In this gift, you will receive a 20-min Bowspring class, a Kinetix fascia-release technique, and a breath-work class!