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7 movement classes ranging from 33-45 mins 

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Alexis Hartman

"I am so grateful to Paris for opening up a new world of movement for me! Every alignment cue felt completely natural and intuitively right in my body. The movements were challenging but Paris presented everything in such a fun way that each class moved quickly. This was a perfect introduction to Bowspring and now I can't wait to learn more."

Bowspring Booty Lifting Classes

On-demand classes focus on the revolutionary Bowspring method, designed to lift, tone, and sculpt your booty while improving overall posture and flexibility.


A wonderful opportunity to experience the benefits of the Bowspring method in an incredible self-paced classes.





Why Choose The Bowspring Booty Lifting Classes?


  • Targeted exercises to lift and shape your booty.

  • The Bowspring method enhances your posture, leading to better overall body health.

  • The classes are designed to be enjoyable, ensuring you stay motivated and committed to your movement journey.

  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, this course is for you!


  • Learn how to engage your booty in a new and healing way 

  • Light your posture up! 

  • Build self confidence 

Yes, let's DO IT!!!

"My butt and body feels so happy doing this movement! Thank you Paris!"

-Tanya McClintock


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how to engage and lift your butt while experiencing the joy of movement.


Join on a journey to a healthier, happier version of yourself


Enroll now and liberate Your Brilliant Booty! 



Yes, I am ready for this!

 Gina R 

"I am brand new and somehow this movement feels like 'Home' to me. This is getting me really excited about what is possible for me!

Karina Troya


"It's been incredible how your cues have helped me engage my muscles. Both your prebooty videos (the ones introducing BowSpring) and the Brilliant booty course... how you explain the dig-drag concept has helped me so much."

Erika Braun


"Wow! The difference I feel/see in my body and posture is amazing. For as long as I can remember I had what I called a ”boney spine” but since finding Bowspring I realized that it was chronically poor posture. No more boney spine! I’m so thankful to have found this practice and for Paris for making this new movement practice so easily digestible. Looking forward to learning and exploring more within my body!"

Marlee D


“This course has changed my understanding of my body entirely. I’ve been a yoga practitioner since I was a kid and this has expanded my body and my understanding in ways I didn't think were possible. Thank you for this offering. It has been a gift!
I felt an expansion in my entire side from my hips to my neck. Even inside lengthening specific yoga the expansion was nowhere near as extensive as the smaller movements of the Bowspring practice. Yoga feels heavy and static in comparison to this practice, which feels light and free!"

Deana Bache


"This is the first bowspring practice that has really resonated with me!! Holy smokes. Lots of openness and feeling of freedom while doing this practice. Thanks Paris for this!! I can’t wait to do the next classes! 🫶🏼"

Katy Luttrell


"I just finished day 4 and feel amazingggg 🤩It’s truly so nourishing 🤍
The way you teach and communicate has made so many things click for me. I’ve taken several classes from great instructors over the past year and I just want you to know, you make it feel like less of a foreign language 😂 So thank you!"

Felicia Michelle Kreutzer


"I feel like I’ve been able to expand more and something just clicked yesterday for ‘open heart’. Today I was able to hold my posture much better when driving and sitting."

Leanna L.


"After listening to Paris on the Happy Homebirth Podcast I felt gentle nudges to try it out. I am so glad I did!

I have tried various things over the years to improve my posture but nothing has come close to Bowspring. After one class with Paris, my body WANTS to be in good posture! I am not forcing my shoulders back, my body naturally and comfortably, wants to stand upright! I didn’t know it was possible to keep my shoulders back so comfortably. I feel so light! This is the biggest testimony to me. I am just astonished by how good my body feels after doing Bowspring with Paris in this course. Thank you!"

Joyce Goldman 

"I noticed that my mind was as clear as a window after class! Two hours after the class this DEEP relaxation set in for the rest of the evening. I feel so good taking these classes, thank you! I am loving this movement!"

Pam D.


"I started Paris's course at 13 weeks pregnant and it has been SO GOOD for my body - this is my third pregnancy and my body has never felt this good while pregnant and I am forever grateful. I feel like I have tools to support myself now. Thank you so much. "

Heather Karian Nichols


"This practice is GOLD and my body is forever grateful. My butt is so happy after starting this practice! My body is totally different from when I started! Thank you so much Paris you are such a brilliant lady!"

Allyson S.


"I just wanted to remark about how amazing my body feels after practicing vs before. I have come to feel like I need the practice to feel optimal. I can't wait try to see how it progresses. The hip openers are my favorite but when I can feel the space being created in my ribs it's rather remarkable too. Also, has anyone else experienced increased libido from practicing?! Thanks Paris for a great program, I'm really enjoying it!"

Mary Ellen Torres 


"This practice is blowing my mind! I can't believe how good I feel while doing this movement. Thank you Paris!"