IAM HEALTH Movement Lab

Cultivate a consistent movement practice to support your transformation journey! 

IAM Health Movement Lab

The movement membership is intended for people who have taken a Bowspring course from me or another practitioner.


Thank you for considering IAM Health membership. While I'm not adding new content until August 2024, rest assured that the current resources are continually evolving to better serve the members. Your decision to join now means you'll be at the forefront of experiencing these enhanced offerings when they become available. I'm excited about your alignment journey ahead!



Click here for beginner course!

Classes ranging from 8 mins- 60 mins

You choose what works best for your schedule and practice at anytime. 

Live classes available 


1-1, 20 min Check in with Paris 



Prepare to open and strengthen your body and mind to a whole new level! 

  • Improve posture
  • Build powerful strength 
  • Ease and heal back pain and other aches 
  • Lift and tone your butt
  • Increase athleticism 
  • Boost your confidence 


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"This practice makes me body so happy! It also gives me a 'happy butt'! Through this practice I realized how me not using my butt was contributing to lower back pain, and also weighing me down. Now I know how to use my glutes and my back pain is gone and I feel better about my body.  Thank you Paris and Bowspring for this life changing practice!"

-Tanya McClintock