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Awaken Your Curves

Elevate the experience of being in your body!

What you'll get in this movement series:

  • Build Strength
  • Ease Pain
  • Improve Posture
  • Uplift your mood

What People Are Saying:

My experience after day 1 and 2 -breath is flowing more easily afterwards -my breath seems to enter more easily into the lower right ribcage, not so much in the lower left ribcage -my lower back feels more stretched -I feel an increased inner spacious - its not a physical sensation, it's a different kind of sensation that isn't at the physical level, hard to describe into words

Pavitra S Mueller

I feel more space in my midsection, it feels lighter and less tight. I feel like I'm walking taller and loving my body. Thank you.

Siu Grant

Wow, softening the belly will reflect in the neck! Every class with I learn something new. This especially interests me because for years I have had forward neck/ straightening of my neck.

Liz Wagoner - Downs

This is so amazing! I felt such a difference from day 1 already.

Kierra Ward

I can physically see a difference in my body from Bowspring! Wish I would have taken pictures at the beginning of the week! There is an obvious amount of space added between my ribs and my hips.

Erica Briggs

Gah, I feel like this was made for my body - I need it so much! Thanks, Paris.

Erika Sheridan

Thank you Paris for offering this challenge! I just completed my day 5! The biggest thing I learned is softening my belly... I didn't realize how much I tighten my belly throughout my entire day. Everyday I am working softening my belly and having a radiant heart and back. I still feel a bit awkward and my lower back is trying really hard to unlearn my 'normal posture' but like you've said it's practice, practice , practice... which I will continue to do. Thank you for setting the groundwork for expanding my body and my mind!

Kimberly Taylor

Just wanted to stop by and say- at 30 weeks pregnant, I’ve mostly felt baby kicking on my right side and some on my left. Ever since the class this morning she has been kicking on the top of my belly. So cool to see that she has moved after giving her more space. Even with my kids running around feeling like I missed out on half the cues. It was still worth it because I feel really good! Thank you Paris!

MaryGrace Whitaker

I just wanted to remark about how amazing my body feels after practicing vs before. I have come to feel like I need the practice to feel optimal. I can't wait try to see how it progresses. The hip openers are my favorite but when I can feel the space being created in my ribs it's rather remarkable too. Also, has anyone else experienced increased libido from practicing?! Thanks Paris for a great program, I'm really enjoying it!


My butt is so happy after starting this practice! I joined this course back in April and have been a mover, movement facilitator, body lover my whole life... and it started changing so much for me! It's even put me into some old pain patterns that I see as a huge gift because my body is unraveling deeply held stuff, and my body is showing me so much through it all of whats actually possible and how I would like to create my life. I'm so grateful! Yesterday I finally went back to the beginning of the course and watched all the videos about how to sit, stand, walk etc - and omg! game changer. My body is totally different today! I am having awareness of so many nuances of how I move and how my body would actually like to move that really seem to be getting to the bottom of some deep stuff and old patterns. I'm so grateful! The is igold! Thank you so much Paris you are such a brilliant lady!

Heather Karian Nichols

I started Paris's course at 13 weeks pregnant and it has been SO GOOD for my body - this is my first pregnancy after many years of trying. I'm usually extremely self conscious of my side profile, but I saw this photo my husband snapped of an in between moment and I was struck by the curviness in my back and open throat and bend in knees (under the dress) and how my butt is really poppin (without being super conscious of how I was standing). I'm so thankful for how bowspring has allowed me to expand and feel confident in my body, which has gotten much bigger over the last few years after the death of my dad and working through lots of grieving. I feel more open and willing to take up more space, even though it's hard sometimes. Can't wait to meet my curvy bowspring baby 😍

Breezy Mellijor

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share the benefits I experienced yesterday after doing the first ("slow") class for the first time. During the class I didn't feel much, but after the integration pose, I noticed that my mind was as clear as a window! As soon as I rejoined my family, I noticed that they had shifted to a positive, happy place. (Everyone had experienced minor disappointments that day and we were irritating each other, so this shift was GREAT!!!!) Two hours after the class this DEEP relaxation set in for the rest of the evening. At night I had a powerful dream about being confronted by evil. When I woke up I had all kinds of new self-awareness. I just wanted to share this because I was so surprised that one class of Bowspring clearly affected my body, my family, and my psyche. Thank you for reading!

Joyce Goldman